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Guide To Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Virus From PC

BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh – Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal

Last night, when I scanned my PC then BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Trojan virus is detected. I don’t know where it comes from and how to eliminate this nasty Trojan virus from my computer? If anyone know about this nasty infection then tell me at least how to get rid of this Trojan virus.

Solutions for Removing BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Completely

BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh is a very harmful Trojan virus which can be used for many fraudulent activities. It affects almost all versions of window operating system such as Windows7, WindowXP, Window 8 and newly developed Window 10. The main purpose of BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus is to steal user’s confidential information like login credential, password, bank account details and many more. It allows another highly dangerous threat like adware, malware, key-loggers etc. to get inside in your PC. Due to key-loggers, it is also able to track your typing and browsing experience. BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh is propagated in your system using various deceptive methods such as downloading of freeware software, sharing of files from one infected computer to another, opening of spam mails. There are also large number of users who continuously visiting some suspicious sites may get chance to inject this Trojan virus in system. Besides that, BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus will also injected in your system through infected media and pirated software.


As soon as BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus infiltrates the system, it will delete some system files and registry files from your system. It endangers your internet environment by redirecting your homepage to another phishing domain which carries more threatening bugs. This nasty virus allows remote access to compromise your computer by changing your PC system settings, registry settings. Like another Trojan virus, BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus will also degrade your computer system. It may lead to a system crash. The most worst condition occurred by this virus is deactivate of the security application like firewall. It can cause more damage in your infected system if not remove from your PC. Therefore, remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus immediately from your system.

How BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Virus Enters Your PC

  • Bundled with freeware third party applications.
  • It infect your system due to due to using infected media drives.
  • Clicking unknown links or visiting malicious sites.
  • It get inside your system while sharing file via p2p network.
  • Oping spam emails attachments in your PC.
  • It can also infect your PC due to presence of other malware in your system.

Risk Involved With BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Virus

  • BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh can steal your sensitive information.
  • It will download other harmful threat in your system.
  • BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh will make your PC very slow and unresponsive.
  • It allows the hackers to process malicious activities on your PC.
  • BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh will corrupt all your important applications.
  • It may delete all your important files permanently.

How To Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From PC

There are two methods to remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh from your computer. You can choose from Automatic and Manual removal method. Automatic removal is fast, easy and super perfect. Manual removal method takes time and not entirely effective.

Plan A – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Automatically

(It is fast and reliable method to remove any threat. Automatic Malware Scanner will automatically detect and remove any virus in few minutes).

Plan B – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Manually

(Manual Removal process is a bit risky and require technical skills. Any mistake made through process can lead to complete corruption of Windows OS).

Option 1 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Windows PC

To completely remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh or any other virus from your Infected computer system, you must delete all the harmful files created by that particular virus. In order to do this automatically without any error you should choose SpyHunter Anti-Malware Scanner.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Using SpyHunter Anti-Malware

SpyHunter 5 is a powerful Windows Anti-malware application. It is designed to scan, detect, remove and block harmful threats, malware, PUPs, and other malicious viruses. Its advanced anti-malware engine is configured to protect your system against the latest malware threats. It can swiftly detect and remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh from your system. It can easily remove Trojans, ransomware, worms, viruses, rootkits, adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other objects.

It has advanced and robust multi-layer scanning system designed to detect new threats. SpyHunter 5 offers several features which includes complete scan, custom scan, quarantine, scan scheduler, exclusion, and user helpdesk . Its real-time malware blockers is created to prevent any nasty malware or harfmul program from getting installed on your PC or executing. It can easily block BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh infection and other security threats like ransomware, rogueware, trojans, keyloggers etc.

Step 1 – Download SpyHunter Anti-Malware by clicking on the below button.

Note :- (Your Windows may ask to Keep or Discard the application. Click on Keep option.)


Step 2 – Double-click on SpyHunter-Installer to install the application.

Step 3 – After installing SpyHunter, click on Start Scan Now to begin the completel scan of your computer.

Step 4 – Click on View Scan Results to see all the threats and malware found by the Anti-malware.

Step 5 – Click on Next button to remove all threats and viruses (It will require Full Version of SpyHunter).

Option 2 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Mac Machine

MacBooster is an advanced Mac optimization tool that can remove all harmful threats and malware easily from your Mac machine. It is an all in one application for your Mac safety and security. It deeply scan your Mac machine and find out all hidden threats and malware easily. It can also clear junk files, remove duplicate files, defrag your Disc to boost your Mac speed. If you want to remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh virus easily and safely from your computer then it is your best companion. It is one of the best and trusted anti-malware application that can ensure the safety of your Mac machine into this online world. Install this powerful application and close the doors of your Mac machine for all types of threats, malware, adware, spyware or any type of virus.

Step 1 – Click on the below button to download MacBooster application.

Step 2 – Install the MacBooster malware scanner on your Mac Machine.

Step 3 – Click on Scan button to start a fresh scan of your Mac.

Step 4 – Click on Fix button to fix all problem and remove all viruses.

Option 3 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Manually From PC

If you are planning on removing BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh manually from your system then you must have some technical knowledge. You will need to go through several complex process and it will take lots of time. You have to also modify registry files and other critical functions of Windows. If You are not sure that you can perform all manual step without any error then you should choose automatic method to remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh from your PC.

Part 1 – Start PC In Safe Mode

  • Click Windows keys and R together to open Run Box.

  • Type msconfig and click Ok button.

  • Now System Configuration box will get opened on your system.

  • Go to the Boot tab, choose Safe Mode and Click Ok.

Part 2 – Stop All BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Related Process From Task Manager

  • Click Windows keys and R together to open Run Box.

  • Type taskmgr and Click Ok button to open task manager.

  • Find malicious process, right click on it and click End Process.

Part 3 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Control Panel

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Windows 7

  • Click on Start button and select Control Panel option.

  • Choose Uninstall A Program option under Programs section.

  • Select and remove any malicious program from your system.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Windows 8/8.1

  • Click Windows keys and R together to open Run Box.

  • Type appwiz.cpl and click Ok button to open Control Panel.

  • Find and Uninstall any malicious program.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Windows 10

  • Click on Start menu and select Setting option.

  • Now Click on Apps menu from the screen.

  • Find any malicious or unwanted program and click Uninstall button.

Part 4 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Registry Editor

  • Click Windows keys and R together to open Run Box.

  • Type regedit and click Ok button to open Registry Editor.

  • Find and Remove all registry files created by BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh infection.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\msmpeng.exe “Debugger” = ‘svchost.exe’

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\msseces.exe “Debugger” = ‘svchost.exe’



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\virus name

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “WarnOnHTTPSToHTTPRedirect” = ’0′

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore “DisableSR ” = ’1′

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\msascui.exe “Debugger” = ‘svchost.exe’

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “xas”


Part 5 – Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Infected Browser

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser and click on Menu option.
  • Choose More tools and then select Extensions option.
  • Find and Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh related extensions.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser and go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Advanced Settings” option from the bottom.
  • Click on “Reset Settings” button finally and restart browser.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox browser, click on Menu and select Add-ons option.
  • Press Extension tab from add-ons Manager page.
  • Find BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh related extension and click on Remove button.

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on “Menu” and Select (?) icon.
  • Now press the “Troubleshooting Information” option.
  • Click on “Refresh Firefox” button and confirm your selection.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Internet Explorer

  • Open IE, click on Gear icon and select Manage Add-ons option.
  • Choose Toolbar and Extensions option from new window.
  • Select BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh related extension and click on Disable button.

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open IE browser > click on “Gear” icon > select “Internet options”.
  • Go to “Advanced” tab and hit the “Reset” button.
  • Choose “Delete personal settings” and press “Reset” button.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Microsoft Edge

  • Open MS Edge browser and hit “More” or three dots icon.
  • Select the “Settings” option and click on “Extensions”.
  • Find and remove all unwanted extensions completely.

Reset Microsoft Edge

  • Open your Edge browser and go to “settings” option.
  • Now click on the “Choose what to clear” Option.
  • Tick mark “first three options” and click on “Clear” button.

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh Manually From Mac Machine

Remove BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh From Safari Browser

  • Open Safari browser > Click on Safari menu > select Preferences.

  • Go to the “Extensions” tab to list all the installed extensions.

  • Select and remove malicious program completely.

Reset Safari To Default

  • Open “safari” browser > Click on “Safari” menu > select “Reset Safari” option.
  • Select the preferred options you want to clear > finally click on Reset button.

Very Important – Tips To Prevent BehavesLike.Win32.MultiPlug.dh In Future

To avoid any other harmful viruses in future, follow these basic rules while using your computer:

  • Always select Custom Installation while installing any new application.
  • Uncheck any hidden options which attempt to secretly install.
  • Check Windows Firewall security and turn it on.
  • Use a powerful anti-virus program and keep it updated.
  • Scan all downloaded files, applications or email attachments before opening.
  • Never download cracked software, themes and similar products.
  • Do not visit Torrent/adult / porn websites to stay safe online.
  • Keep backup of all your important files and data.
  • Create a system restore point for security purpose.

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